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Macross (Robotech)

Macross (/məˈkrɒs/) is a science fiction series that combines transformable mecha, apocalyptic battles, wartime romance, and music. It features mechanical designs by Kazutaka Miyatake and Shoji Kawamori (both of Studio Nue) and character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto of Artland. Macross also created one of the first anime idols Lynn Minmay, turning her voice actress Mari Iijima into an instant celebrity, and launching her musical career. Most of its animation (with edited content and revised dialogue) was adapted in the US for the first saga of Robotech.


In 1999 a city-sized alien spacecraft crashes in South Ataria Island on Earth. Over the course of 10 years the military organization U.N. Spacy reverse-engineers its technology and rebuilds the spacecraft, naming it the SDF-1 Macross. ... He then encounters Lynn Minmay and rescues her from the aliens.

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