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Paul's Miraculous Adventure

Paul’s Miraculous Adventure (ポールのミラクル大作戦 Pōru no Mirakuru Daisakusen, also known as “Paul’s Miracle Strategy Plan”) is an action-adventure anime television series created by Tatsunoko Productions in partnership with Topcraft. The series was broadcast on Fuji TV and various other local stations across Japan from October 3, 1976, to September 11, 1977, and lasted 50 half-hour episodes. The series director was Hiroshi Sasagawa, of Speed Racer and Tokimeki Tonight fame.


On his birthday, Paul receives a teddy bear as a gift from his parents. While Pakkun appears to be a fairly ordinary stuffed toy, he in reality is the keeper of the portal between Earth and an alternate dimension known as the Land of Wonders. Paul and his best friend Nina explore the alternate universe until Nina is kidnapped by the demonic ruler of this dimension, Belt Satan. After making an unsuccessful attempt to save Nina, Paul and Pakkun are forced to return home to Earth, where Paul is confronted by Nina's parents, who blame him for her disappearance and accuse him of murdering her. Paul returns to the Land of Wonders with Pakkun and Nina's dog Doppe in tow, fighting monsters with his powerful yo-yo in order to defeat Belt Satan and save Nina.

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