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Ganbare!! Robocon (がんばれ!!ロボコン Ganbare!! Robokon, Do Your Best!! Robocon) is a Japanese tokusatsu comedy family robot television series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei. It ran for 118 episodes from October 4, 1974, to March 25, 1977, on NET TV. The series is rebooted in the 1999 series Moero!! Robocon (燃えろ!!ロボコン Moero!! Robokon, Burn!! Robocon) that ran from January 31, 1999 (a week after the finale of Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack) to January 23, 2000 (a week before the premiere of Kamen Rider Kuuga).


The story follows Robocon, a student of Gantz' Robot Academy who lives amongst humans and aids them as part of his studies. Though Robocon is a screw up, he makes efforts to establish a good image for robots in the eyes of humans they cross paths with.

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