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Busou Shinki

Busou Shinki (武装神姫 Busō Shinki, literally “armament god princess”) is a product line of small, armored women action-figure toys manufactured by Konami Digital Entertainment first released in Japan in 2006. The figures can be configured in different poses and feature a variety of interchangeable parts. Many of the figures have been designed by noted Japanese artists. A few of the figures have been released for distribution outside Japan. Since their introduction this toy line has spawned a media franchise with video games, manga series, graphic novels, anime series, music, art books and other merchandise. series is an adaption of the previously released ONA Busou Shinki: Moon Angel. Sentai Filmworks licensed the TV series for distribution in North America in 2012. The Busou Shinki action-figure designs all display the facial and body profile features of young adult women in stylized body armor. The figurines have considerable variation in body proportions and armor designs between models that reflects the artistic license given the different designers so there is no “typical look”. The articulation style that the figurines use Konami has named ‘MMS’, or Multi Moveable System. The MMS body was designed by Masaki Asai (浅井真紀). MMS figures have multiple joints, similar to the Revoltech line, which give them a wide range of possible poses. Additionally, multiple body parts are interchangeable, allowing a wide variety of customization without tools. The typical Busou Shinki action figure is approximately 15 cm tall. Busou Shinki product packages are divided into full sets and EX sets. Full sets come with a complete, painted MMS body and a variety of armor, weapons, and extra body parts. EX sets are meant to be expansion sets and thus do not tend to include the MMS body. ‘Naked’, unpainted or part painted MMS bodies may be purchased separately. Busou Shinki figures are purported to be 1:1 scale models, as they were originally action-figure versions of the AI-controlled robots featured in the online video game Battle Rondo. The characters based on these action figures continue to be featured in other video games, manga and anime series in the size of the actual toys.


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