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Shoot your action figures

  • Most cameras will do the job

    For posting on Collectibles.Wiki, most smartphone cameras do a good enough job (especially if you follow the rest of the advices on this page)

  • Set the Scene

    Consider the background your action figures needs, We mostly shoot on white background (A simple sheet of paper should do the trick)

  • Light it up

    Place light sources on either side of your model. If you’re serious, invest in daylight temps or in a portable photo station.

  • The Golden Angle

    Every action figure has a golden angle, a viewpoint that best captures the essence of the model.

  • Crop it

    Get CLose enough to capture detail without clipping off details around the edges.

  • Focus!

    Make sure your camera is focused on the right point. If you plan to submit them for viewing online, check them on a computer screen.