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Rough run! Ruben Kaiser

“Rough run! Ruben Kaiser” (Gekiso Ruben Kaiser) is a TV anime produced by Toei and Wako Productions co-produced. It was broadcast on TV Asahi from October 10, 1977 to February 6, 1978 (broadcasting range: every Monday from 19:00). All 17 episodes.


During the Japanese Grand Prix race, Formula One driver Shunsuke Hayami crashed the car ignoring the coach's instructions and was fired from the team after the race. At that point, Ginjiro Arashi, the old friend of Shunsuke's father and director of the "Kaiser Team", appeared. Ginjiro joined Shunsuke's arm as a potential team driver. The high-performance Formula Car "The Ruben Kaiser Formula 1", which the Kaiser team boasts, was actually a machine designed by Georg Kaiser, Shunsuke's father. Shunsuke aims at the world with this machine to make his late father's dream come true.

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