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Star Wolf

Star Wolf (Japanese: スターウルフ Hepburn: Sutā Urufu) is a Japanese science fiction TV series inspired by the novel series bearing the same name, by American writer Edmond Hamilton. It was produced in 1978 by Tsuburaya Productions.


The show is loosely based on the three books in the Star Wolf series by American science fiction novelist Edmond Hamilton: The Weapon from Beyond (published in 1967), The Closed Worlds and World of the Starwolves (both published in 1968). The name of the main character, an Earthman who was raised on the high gravity planet Varna and developed super-human strength and reflexes, was changed from Morgan Chane to Ken Shinsei. Starting with episode 14, the series was retitled Space Hero Star Wolf (宇宙の勇者 スターウルフ Uchû no Yûsha Sutâurufu).


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