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Fall Guy

he Fall Guy is an American action/adventure television program produced for ABC and originally broadcast from November 4, 1981, to May 2, 1986. It stars Lee Majors, Douglas Barr, and Heather Thomas as Hollywood stunt performers who moonlight as bounty hunters.


Lee Majors plays Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stunt man who moonlights as a bounty hunter. He uses his physical skills and knowledge of stunt effects (especially stunts involving cars or his large GMC pickup truck) to capture fugitives and criminals. He is accompanied by his cousin and stuntman-in-training Howie Munson (Barr) - who studied in Nashville - , whom Colt frequently calls "Kid", and occasionally by fellow stunt performer Jody Banks (Thomas).

During the first-season episodes, typically, an episode begins with a voice-over introduction from Majors (in his role of Seavers) explaining the precarious life of a Hollywood stuntman, and how he, Seavers, is unable to make a full-time living from stunt work and must moonlight as a bounty hunter. This is intercut with actual Hollywood stock footage from various eras of dangerous movie stunts, such as an exploding plane plunging straight into the ground, a motorcycle jumping through a flaming hoop, and a biplane crashing/barnstorming into a barn. After the voice-over introduction, the crew is seen performing a stunt for a film or TV series when Seavers is then assigned to finding, for example, a man who has skipped bail. His case turns out to be more complicated than it first seemed. In the course of dealing with the villains, Seavers performs a stunt similar to the one shown at the beginning of the show. Seavers's voice-over narration was dropped from the second season onward.

The series is known for its frequent cameos by Hollywood celebrities and the occasional in-joke referring to Majors's previous starring role in the series The Six Million Dollar Man (the pilot featured a cameo appearance by his then-wife Farrah Fawcett).

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