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Future Robot Daltanious

Future Robot Daltanious (未来ロボ ダルタニアス Mirai Robo Darutaniasu) is an anime television series which aired from 1979 to 1980.


In 1995, Earth has been conquered by the Zaar Empire from the planet Akron in the star system of Zaar. All Earth's cities have been destroyed, and its survivors live in shanty towns and villages. Kento, a war orphan, and his companions hide in a cave to escape bandits. In the cave they find the secret base of Doctor Earl from the planet Helios, another planet conquered by the Zaar. Doctor Earl had fled to Earth with him the greatest achievement of Helian technology: the super-robot Atlas, whose power increases in combination with the intelligent lion robot Beralios. When the robots combine with the Helian fighter Gumper, they form the mighty robot Daltanious. Doctor Earl entrusts the fight for Earth to Kento, a descendant of the Helian royal family.

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