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Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace

Planetary Robot Danguard Ace (惑星ロボ ダンガードA (エース) Wakusei Robo Dangādo Ēsu), also known as Force Five: Dangard Ace in the United States, is a Japanese science fiction anime series created by Leiji Matsumoto with Dan Kobayashi. It was licensed by Jim Terry Productions, as part of the Force Five promotion, as “Dangard Ace”. English dialog was written for re-dubbing by Lynn Garrison, who then combined episodes into a feature length presentation. This series gained a cult following on the Showtime network during the 1980s. The titular robot also appeared in Marvel Comics’ Shogun Warriors series, as well as in the eponymous toy line. In 2009, William Winckler Productions produced three all-new English dubbed movie versions edited from the original series. Winckler, known for Tekkaman the Space Knight, wrote, produced and directed these films, which have been seen on broadband in Japan. Dangard Ace is Matsumoto’s only contribution to Japan’s ubiquitous giant robot genre.


Danguard Ace takes place on a future Earth in which natural resources have been depleted. People have begun looking toward other planets to survive, in particular to the fictional tenth planet, Promete. Although people had hoped to peacefully settle there, disaster strikes as the first explorers are destroyed by betrayal.

After this event, an individual named Mr. Doppler leaves toward Promete on his own ship and declares himself Chancellor of the planet. Using Promete's resources, Chancellor Doppler constructs a vast military force greater than that of Earth's. He forbids anyone from approaching the planet, under the insane belief that only he is entitled to it.

To gain control of Promete, the governments of Earth begin constructing massive combat robots. Doppler is able to attack and destroy all of them before they are completed, except for Danguard Ace. The forces sent to attack Danguard's base were destroyed because of the efforts of Captain Dan. Nothing is known of this mysterious man, except that he previously served Doppler while under mind control.

Takuma Ichimonji, son of the man who betrayed the initial Promete exploration team, becomes a cadet at Danguard's base. Ichimonji hopes that he might restore his father's honor by fighting against Doppler's forces.

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