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Diamond Select Toys • Marvel Select Series

Manufacturer: Diamond Select • Released: 2002

The 7-inch-scale Marvel Select line was originally developed by DST in 2002 with Marvel Comics’ toy division, Toy Biz, as a specialty-market counterpart to the larger company’s mass-market offerings. Diamond Select handled design, sales and marketing, while Toy Biz handled development and production, and the characters were mostly based on peripheral Ultimate Marvel and Marvel Knights characters. Figures focused on sculpting over articulation at first, but they also included detailed, diorama-sized bases and accessories (sometimes even a second figure) that required large packaging, distinctively decorated with comic artwork of each character. DST eventually took over development and production, as well, and the line expanded to include core Marvel characters. The line began to receive acclaim from collectors for its oversized characters, like the Hulk, who would often fill up the already sizable Select packaging, although bases and accessories were often made smaller (or removed entirely) to make room. As the line has continued, DST has used the “Select” label for other lines, to indicate that a line is in the 7-inch scale and comes with an elaborate base or accessory.

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